Blend Stuttgart Kitchen and bar

"BLEND" is a snapshot of food trends from all over the world. Like in a melting pot, foreign cultures clash with the regional, traditional skills with the experimental. Never out of the ordinary, always casually attainable, and uncomplicated!

Get inspired and taste your way through the world - and through Stuttgart. Our promise: All dishes are prepared from first-class products. Seasonality and locality have priority. Nothing stays forever, there is too much to experience for that.

The design is modern, fresh, casual, somewhat unpretentious and trendy at the same time. You feel at home here, because around you, guests also come from all over, turning a restaurant into a "melting pot".

Ready to be blended? #readytobeblended

The seasons

Trends come and go, seasonality determines what the kitchen creates. At Blend, we don't commit ourselves, but cook our way curiously through the world and the region. For this, only first-class products and primarily regional ones come to the table. The constant?

These are the familiar, local flavors and well-known recipes, which are implemented in a modern way. Who supports us in this? The local heroes!

The vegetables, the fish, the meat, the exotic spices - produced by our partners with dedication and passion. For you, for us - because it tastes good!